About Me

I’m originally from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, but I had been living in Vancouver for the past three years before picking up and moving abroad. The island is a pretty amazing place; I grew up in Port Hardy and Courtenay and went to university in Victoria. So I’ve lived on each end as well as the middle. Most of my early travelling was from playing hockey as a kid; my parents drove me to games at pretty much every hockey rink on the island.

But what I’m doing is far beyond what I could hope to see from the back seat of my parent’s old red bronco. Though I had never been there, I’ve moved to Scotland to broaden my horizons and see more of the world. A part of me feels the need explain to people why I chose Scotland of all places. Starting a life in a new city is hard work, and it’s definitely easier when you have friends and family around you; I won’t really have that. At least not right away. The truth is that Scotland has interested me for a while. I have this romantic notion in my head based on the film and TV: most of it from Highlander and Braveheart. There is also what my grandmother has told of her time growing up there (before WW2). The truth is that I can’t really put my finger on one thing that I wanted to do or see that made me choose it. It’s really a collection of things and images in my head and the only way to get something real out of it is to get there.

I’m going to write about and post things leading up to my departure as well as during my time there.

2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. barb towell said:

    well? has it lived up to your thoughts?

  2. You’re a brave soul!

    I love Braveheart too. 😀

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