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I guess for most people it would be tomorrow, but its been July 14 for about an hour or two and I’m just too excited to sleep.

I tried going to bed twice but I’m having a little trouble shutting my mind off.

Unless I come up with a last minute brain wave, I’ve packed my bags with everything I’ll be taking with me. There is a lot of stuff I’d rather not leave behind, but I guess its in my interests to travel a bit lighter. I keep wondering what my life will be like just a few weeks from now. For the past few months I’ve been thinking about this little adventure, and now that its almost here I still can’t bring it into clear focus.

Reading usually helps me think more clearly, and I started a Michael Connelly book on the ferry the other day, so I expect I’ll be spending a lot of time with Harry Bosch over the next 24 hours trying to figure out who the serial killer is; considering the long flight and time waiting in airports, I might be finished the book by the time I land.

The last few weeks have been mostly devoted to getting the hay off the field, which still isn’t finished. There are still three or four loads of hay on the last field below the house. I’m feeling pretty strong now after throwing hay bails for two weeks; its not really enough time to get ripped but my arms definitely feel longer after lugging around and stacking some of those heavy ones.  I’m not sure what the final count will be, but its  one of the best years in a long time and dad should have no problem with the last few hundred bails – last week, we were wondering if there would be places to put all of it. 

I really should be sleeping right now because I’ll need to catch an early ferry off Denman Island to connect to my flight from Nanaimo to YVR; that will get me to the airport 3 hours before I my flight to Glasgow, Scotland around 1 pm. It’ll be around 6 am local time when I land on Thursday. I’ll be in Edinburgh later the same day. I’ve never been able to sleep very well on airplanes, and its quite possible I won’t sleep again for more than a few minutes until Thursday night.

While I wait for my train in Glasgow, I’ll be sure to grab lunch and a pint of a strong local beer – get this trip started right.